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  • Metasearch are systems that collect hotel information from the best known online travel agencies in the world and compare it with one another.
  • In addition, nowadays the main metasearch are booking channels on their own, that is to say they not only show hotel rates on a specific OTA buy also show a rate when booking through the metasearch.
  • To be able to connect to these options you require a certified booking engine.


  • Commissions are lower than in most OTAs
  • Increases the flow of sales through you own website generating high quality traffic.
  • Increases booking conversion rate.
  • Enhances client loyalty by visiting your website and allowing a 100% direct booking.

Más Detalles

  • TripAdvisor offers the sale options of Instant Booking and Tripconnext, Trivago offers the options of Express Booking and Fast Connect and Google allows direct bookings from their Google Hotel Price Ads system.
  • The metasearch engine will take the prices to be shown from the certified booking engine.