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Our Clients

The size of your hotel is not a determining factor!

We work with all types of hotels, from hotel chains, independent hotels, boutiques, cabins, B & Bs, apartments, inns, lodgings and hostels.

We adapt our proposal to your needs and we offer you the best support and attention. Hundreds of hotel establishments in 16 countries in Latin America trust us.

Así opinan nuestros clientes

Testimonials from our clients

  • Luigi ForgioneManager

    Our experience with the support team was exceptional.

  • Miguel SlimovichDirector General

    Excellent responses to all our questions and problems. Very smooth and efficient help!

  • Vicente GrucciManager

    Very efficient, quick to respond, great knowledge of the system, gives solutions and some good advice.

  • Alejandro OrtegaDirector General

    Excellent, fast, and helpful!

  • Maria Paula ArruéRevenue Manager

    The tech support is really fast and efficient. At least according to my standards, which are quite high!

  • María del Mar SennSales Manager

    The extranet interface was very intuitive. Short loading times. Compatible with mobile devices.

  • Liceth UsaquiReservations

    Quick to update rates and availability, all information easily visible.

  • Pedro ScandroglioManager

    Very user-friendly.

  • Alejandro OrtegaGeneral Manager

    Significant increase in sales, as we have all our rooms up for sale on all the different websites at the same time. In some months, our sales were almost double what they were before obtaining this service, having reduced the problem of overbooking to almost zero.

  • Blanca María Segure

    The main things this channel brings to the table are precise work, significant error reduction, and considerable time-saving. Very user-friendly system.

  • Vicente GrucciManager

    Noticeable improvement in the speed and smoothness of booking management through integration with sales channels.

  • Miguel SlimovichDirector General

    We can add sales channels, reduce overbooking and still have less work at reception.

  • Luigi ForgioneManager

    Now the sales and booking offices are much more productive. It’s compatible with all the OTAs I use. The best booking management and the best credit-card security.

  • Tomas AguiarRevenue Manager

    The first thing we do when we add a new hotel to our chain is make sure that we have an direct connection with our channel manager.

  • Maria Paula ArruéRevenue Manager

    What stands out the most is that you’re dealing with people who know what they’re talking about in this business: hotels, revenue management, online marketing, and commerce.