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  • Module included free of charge with the Channel Manager!
  • Valuable information for making strategy decisions for your hotel.
  • The Channel Manager receives bookings from different OTAs, therefore counting with complete and reliable data.
  • This information can be an excellent revenue tool to optimize your rates and increase your income.


  • See statistics reports in visual layouts such as tables, graphics, or Excel.
  • Reports generated in real time!
  • Use filters for quick searches: by OTA, by date, by room type, by rate plan, etc.
  • Our statistics reports include: sales per channel, rooms sold, daily income, average daily rate, average length of stay, conversion rate, RevPar, Pickup
channel manager estadisticas


  • Our statistics reports are easy to read and provide important information to deciding your market strategy
  • They help you answer questions such as: Which OTAs sell the most to my hotel? What is the average length of stay? What is the average rate?
  • Have these questions and many more answered immediately!