• It is a system that locates hotel information in the most used online sales channels and shows them in comparison with each other.
  • The main metasearch engines are also sales channels, they not only show the price that the hotel may have in a certain channel, but also show a price for booking through the metasearch engine itself.
  • Our booking engine is certified for these connections!


Booking commission rates are lower than most OTAs.

Increase the flow of sales through your own website, generating high quality traffic.

Increase booking conversion.

It allows you to build customer loyalty through your website and convert them 100% directly.

  • TripAdvisor has the Instant Booking and Tripconnect direct sales options, Trivago has the Express Booking and FastConnect options, Google sells direct through its Google Hotel Price Ads system.
  • The metasearch engine will take the prices to show from the certified booking engine.