In previous articles of our blog, we have been talking about the hotelier’s need to be informed and adapt to new trends in the sector (see Trends that will mark travel demand in 2020).
Well, a separate mention deserves without a doubt the personalization of the services towards the guest, which is no longer considered an extra attention, but the client assumes that it will happen.
In this article we propose to detail 3 main types of travelers, their characteristics and requirements for you to study, you can take them into account in your hotel and thus attract them.

They are those who travel in a family group, couple with one or more children and even several families together. Your stays are usually longer than 5 days. His main interests are daytime leisure and recreation activities.

Where they stay:
As for the type of accommodation, they prefer the practicality of an apartment hotel or temporary rental apartment since it solves their meals quickly and economically. Another popular option is the all inclusive methodology.
They like to stay in quiet places since they will not spend much time in the establishment and at night they need to rest.

What services are they looking for:
The recreational areas of a hotel are essential for children to enjoy: playroom, swimming pool, kidsclub.
Also very important is the offer of extra services of purchases of the concierge. For example, the simple fact that they can provide them with diapers during the early morning.
If you are staying in a hotel, breakfast is important to start the day without wasting time consuming it outside. If you are staying in a rental apartment or apartment, it is no longer relevant as they can produce it themselves.
Parking lot. Families usually rent cars to move more comfortably and need the establishment to provide them with a place to park.
Wifi. Necessary for the recreation of children and adolescents (series, movies, games).
Medical assistance. It is essential for them that the establishment has this service for any eventuality.

How do they book:
These types of travelers usually book packages through travel agencies, mostly recognized.

They are looking for accommodation for stays of less than 5 days, since they will surely move from one city to another. They usually travel as a couple, or with friends; It is very rare for them to travel alone. His main interests are sightseeing, shopping and getting to know the local culture in depth, largely through gastronomy.

Where they stay:
These types of travelers like to stay in the city center, be it a boutique hotel or a hotel chain, depending on the budget. However, on some occasions they may prefer the suburbs, especially if the city they visit is in high demand for tourists.

What services are they looking for:
Both wifi and free breakfast are essential, followed by the pool.
Recommendations are important for city travelers, as they seek to visit the main attractions of the destination. They will value the personalized assistance of the receptionists as a very useful element for their stay.

How do they book:
This type of traveler researches and always looks for the best price-quality option. They use metasearch engines to compare, check the hotels web pages and the vast majority book directly for more benefits and customization.

They usually stay less than 5 days, weekdays or at most they check in on a Sunday night. These clients usually travel alone. His main interests when traveling are related only to work. In general, they are not attracted to tourist activities and although they may be interested in visiting high quality restaurants, it will be for business reasons.

Where they stay:
For business travelers, the location of the accommodation depends primarily on where their meeting place, convention, office or any other work-related location is located.
Since they are not usually the ones who pay, they are little worried about the price. Therefore, their preferred establishments are consolidated hotel chains, which offer loyalty programs and free improvements.

What services are they looking for:
They choose 4 or 5 star establishments. Free breakfast, the pool, high-speed Wi-Fi and parking are essential services for them.
Business travelers are frequent travelers and to earn their loyalty it is good to offer them free drinks (without alcohol) in the mini bar or high speed wifi so they can work without problems.
A room upgrade can also be a good idea since they always need comfort.

How do they book:
They do it through their corporate travel agency, which they usually book through GDS.

One of the best investments you can make in your hotel is in resources and times to customize services and thus specifically capture the type of guest you want.
But as important as this is knowing how your customers book, through what channels. This information will allow you to evaluate where you are present or should be. Keep in mind that if you want to be present in OTAs, Metasearch engines, GDS or incorporate a Booking Engine to your website in CM Reservations we can help you. Click here for more information.