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ABCs of the Channel Manager

If you are a hotelier with some experience, you have probably heard about the role of the  hotel channel manager, and how it affects the sales strategy of your hotel.

What is Channel Management?

“Channel management” is a term widely used in the language of sales marketing to define the process through which the company (in this case the hotel) develops its sales strategy to reach the widest possible client base. This is achieved by selecting the most efficient routes (channels) to market your product.

During the process, the effects of channel management are analyzed by measuring factors such as sales volumes, changes in market shares, and satisfaction levels of customers who acquire the product through certain OTAs.

Hotel Channel Manager

Taken to the concrete reality of the hotel, the channel manager is the tool that allows managing the online distribution of sales of our inventory according to our marketing strategy, reaching the totality of our audience, minimizing overbooking risks.

Hotel´s inventory is updated automatically, so that your passengers get the right information on the available rooms, regardless of the OTA they select.

Benefits of the Hotel Channel Manager

The channel manager allows to manage all online booking channels from a single extranet. It centralizes all reservations through a single extranet, guaranteeing that the same information is sent to all OTAs.

It connects with a wide variety of sales channels.

Elements to be considered in the selection of a Channel Manager

The following are elements that should be considered when selecting a channel manager:

Number of channels: The greater the number of OTAs your channel manager connects to, the more markets will be reaching.

Support and training: You should choose a channel manager that ensures high quality support and assistance, in your own language and time zone.

Solid and friendly reporting system: A good channel manager will allow you to obtain and measure which channels produce better. This type of reporting will allow you to eventually negotiate rates with the OTAS, knowing which are the ones that best produce, or those that reach the markets that your hotel is interested in.

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