No line of work will ever be the same again. All changes must be implemented by people, and hospitality is one of the best examples of this.

What characteristics of the hotelier will be elementary for the present and future?

We share our analysis to implement them without distinction of ranges.

The hotelier must be:


One exercise that this pandemic taught us is flexibility. It will be essential to be permeable to changes in schedules, shifts, tasks and all the changes that the hotel needs.

In terms of sales, making booking conditions (e.g., cancellation) as flexible as possible will be key to being competitive and gaining guest confidence.


To occupy other positions, modify the procedures that were being done, perform new activities, protocols, training and concerns of the «new» tourist.


It is the most important point.

Technology has already been installed in hotels as an indispensable tool.

Items that must be known and implemented: Web check-in, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, CRM, Payment Platforms, B2B, B2C.

Agility will be needed in these activities, and this is achieved with the practice of each platform.

It will also be very valuable to advise on technological tools to guests outside the hotel. For example: local gastronomic, cultural, tourist apps.


The world suffers the consequences of not taking care of it, so more than ever sustainable policies will be valued when choosing accommodation.


Another lesson that the pandemic leaves us is not to wait for things to happen, but to generate them.

Teamwork While

In hotels it was already common, today more than ever it is necessary. The harmony and collaboration between all the departments make for a good service and a happy guest. Empathy

To understand the needs, fears and concerns of new guests in this time of pandemic or post-pandemic.

Open mind

To discover customs, analyze and incorporate all the necessary changes in pursuit of excellent service.

Let’s take the opportunity to change and update ourselves with the new world ahead to give our guests what they will need.