Digital transformation for hotels has become a «necessity» after the pandemic.

Over the last year, companies from every industry have adapted and reinvented their strategies, their business models and even their work procedures to respond to the new post-pandemic environment: onnline sales channels have become key ingredients.

The tourism industry has undoubtedly been the hardest hit as mobility and travel have been highly restricted.

Capacity restrictions, strict lockdowns and hygienic and distance measures have had a remarkable impact on our client’s habits.

But businesses managed to adapt to this new environment and – once again – went searching for innovative solutions taking advantage of what technology can offer.

Hoteliers know that renewing and changing is part of their DNA and they made it count this year!

On a broad level, what changed in each area of our hotels? Let us offer you some insight:


The need for sales increased and it is now necessary to upload your property to as many channels as possible.

The incorporation of a Channel Manager is the solution.

Combined with an Online Booking Engine allows hotels to funnel direct reservations without paying unnecessary commissions: the perfect combo!

Social networks

Virtual tours of the hotel and near by attractions on Instagram.

You must generate interesting content for the guest

It’s good to show a warm and open profile to generate spontaneous inquiries after your posts.

Link your Booking Engine in all social networks so as to attract sales on these platforms as well.

You can include WhatsApp as a key means of communication with the guest: to clarify doubts and to achieve a greater effectiveness of reservations.

Making a reservation

Hotels had to renew their website to cover several aspects:

Dynamic website that allow to upload protocol updates and specific news from the country or region the property is located.


A simple Booking Engine with few steps to make the reservation is essential and it needs to be integrated with international payment gateways.

Check in

Web check in is undoubtedly the newest technological tool that is here to stay.

The guest prefers a secure, contactless check-in that reduces waiting times as much as possible.

Being able to upload your personal data, payment information and receive access to the room before arriving at the hotel is a process that funnels reservations nowadays.


Access to the restaurant’s online menu prior arrival or on the spot.

Ordering and paying from a mobile device through QR codes.

Restaurants pre- consumption payments (e.g. fixed menu) from the moment the reservation is done through the Booking Engine.


Technology is our greatest ally to return to the “new normality” that we so desire. Adapting is of the greater essence.

In CM Reservas we offer the best technological tools for your hotel to keep up with your “new guest’s needs.

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