In digital times like the ones we live in, it is impossible for us to think that a hotel does not program its online sale, is present in networks and uses all the tools that are within its reach to advertise itself.

Surely you are already implementing it with your establishment.

But not only the online presence is enough, but the choice and organization of it. Diagramming a previous online marketing strategy is essential to not spend time and resources where it does not work.

To start diagramming it we would have to take into account at least 3 points:

1. Analyze the market and consumers

2. Identify the competition and differentiate ourselves

3. Define our positioning

From here we can start implementing the ideas according to your hotel.


The web still feels the seal of your hotel, your letter of introduction.

You have to be clear and honest with the information you show about your establishment.

You should not miss a booking engine connected to metasearch engines and social media. Remember that the booking engine is the most important tool for receiving direct reservations.

Your website must be mobile, that is, that the image suits any mobile device such as cell phones, tablets. The tendency of guests to book through the cell phone is day by day greater.


At the statistical level it is elementary to have a record of who and host in our establishment, but these contacts are also important at the time of communication.

Why? Because by obtaining your emails we can communicate with different objectives: with opinion polls to know how your stay has been, to send last minute offers, promotions to frequent guests, birthday greetings, communicate hotel news, invite them to leave reviews on metasearch engines, Invite them to be part of our social networks.

These are important actions that keep the guest remembering us.


Today social networks are the most important online marketing channels of the hotel-tourism industry.

Because they respond to the behavior of the new host: fresh, dynamic, available 24 hours.

Working our presence in social networks is essential but not all, we must look where our target audience is and open profiles in those networks where they can find us.

It requires quality management, and the content must be of value. We must be aware that we can manage them correctly, but we must delegate to a digital marketing agency.

Facebook and Instagram are the main ones for privileging images and interaction with their followers.

Place your booking engine on social networks as possible, and you will gain more sales channels.

In our article How to create content that attracts users attention  we offer you very useful ideas.


As we always say, it is very important to be in them, but you must analyze your target audience to decide through which you want to sell.

Analyze the origin, social rank and preference of your guests minimally to know in which OTAs your establishment should appear.


It is important to be present in them. They are main platforms that allow us to obtain opinions and feedback from our customers.

In addition, future guests review the reviews of each establishment before making a reservation. For this reason, managing them is very important, since it allows us to apply feedback and respond to negative opinions to take care of our online reputation.

We recommend you always respond to comments, whether good or bad.

Connect your booking engine to metasearch engines so that the direct booking option is always available for guests who decide to make it there.

There you can show a cheaper rate on your website, unlike OTAs and earn direct bookings and database.


Although this item is not “online”, it is completely related to our strategy.

Why? Because taking into account the virality that social networks are having, we must pay special attention to good customer service care. For this to happen we must take care of our staff and motivate them to offer that good attention, and secondly listen to the client.


These are the keys that we recommend you to follow without forgetting that the most important thing is to build customer loyalty. Once we have our client we look for a recurrence in them through our online strategies.