There is a prior concern to this question.

In which social network should my hotel be in? The answer is simpler than it seems. Your hotel must be present in the social network where your target audience is located.

If something characterizes the content in every social network is its immediacy. It doesn’t matter what happened or how far the news goes: if it’s important someone from your nearby circle will have shared the information. Precisely the enormous amount of information is one of the biggest problems of social media.

Therefore it can be difficult to get the user’s attention. In marketing it is called “content for thumbs” or “thumb stopping content” to content specifically created for mobile phones with the objective to make the user stop scrolling with his finger and focus his attention on it ”.

The content generated for social  media has to draw attention in a context in which everything is made for faster and faster consumption.

It is one of the main objectives of mobile marketing: create publications consumed in smartphones to increase sales in the desired website. However, creating content that stands out for your property while the user is reviewing their social networks is not an easy task. That is why we want to list 5 key aspects to sell more on social media and make your hotel stand out.

  1. Short and creative titles. Social networks reward ingenious comments. It is better to publish little quality content than too much with no added value. You have to go around what you want to say until you find a short phrase that explains everything creatively.
  2. Photos and videos. Uploading personal and team photos of your establishment and the services they offer makes the consumer stop at the post. The public wants to see where they will be staying and who will receive them in a close way.
  3. Take risks. You should not be afraid to risk, use humor and try new things. They are the best weapons to succeed in social media.
  4. Promotions. Offer discounts with a special code for a period of time, for example. It is a simple way to direct traffic to your website. Global brands in the tourism industry use it frequently.
  5. Downloadable content / gift. Everyone likes an extra: a wallpaper, a template, a recipe … Any free download can get the attention of the customer while scrolling.


When preparing contents for social media take into account that it should draw attention in a context in which everything is made for fast consumption. It is necessary to find a way for the client to have all the information at a glance and while offering something that he or she can only get if they visit your website.