[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we have been analyzing, the hotel’s Sales work will be the key to revenue recovery.

In the previous article we talked about Sales and Online Marketing , but today we are going to refer to all areas of the Department.

Online sales

OTA profiles. Update the description on the channels, simplify, place quality photos.

Is your hotel active on all the OTAs you want? Expanding channels right now can be very helpful.

Bet on local OTAs and Wholesalers, as it is very likely that national / local trips start before international ones.

Review the structure of rooms and rate plans. Is it easy for the guest to understand it? Do that exercise.

Are you posting all room categories and rate plans on all portals?

If not, it is a good time to request it.

Publish the hotel on all social networks, take advantage of sales through these channels.

Use the networks as a promotion and place the link of your booking engine or web in all you can.

Update your website. Do you have updated content and images, is it responsive and allows you to receive reservations with automatic confirmation?

To carry out this structure, you surely have providers of several of these solutions (channel manager, booking engine, website), and keep in mind that this may be a good opportunity to analyze their operation and cost-benefit.

Seeing what other options exist in the market and comparing them will help you.

Face-to-face – Sales Executives

Tour & Travel

Who are your main client agencies?

If they are only receptive wholesalers of international guests, please note that they will not travel again immediately.

We recommend you take advantage of this time to research the local market.

Find national travel agencies that work with guests from your own country.

Introduce them to your hotel and offer rates in your local currency.

You will not be able to invite these agencies to visit the hotel, so we recommend short and attractive videos that show it.


It is undoubtedly a demanding audience and it will be even more so.

Analyzing which category your clients belong to is key, since there are categories that the economic crisis due to a pandemic has not affected.

For example: laboratories, pharmaceutical, food, computer companies that provide services to them.

Starting from scratch to investigate companies in these areas, introduce ourselves, and gain your attention will be important to establish a business relationship.

Working connected to GDS will also facilitate the self-management of future reserves in this area, a trend that grows more and more every day.
Communication of new measures.

Customers will have new needs and knowing what prevention measures the hotel adopts will be key to choosing it.

We recommend communicating in plain language everything that has to do with hygiene and disinfection measures, safety, instructions to staff and operational changes in the hotel.

If the hotel belongs to an international chain and follows its own standards, also inform it.


On the web (pop ups, highlights), social networks and newsletters. The end will be to be occupied by the health of the guests and provide confidence.

For these last two areas, having a CRM can be very useful since it will allow you to create databases based on the items and segments of your clients. This way you can direct any communication to who is really interested.


There is a lot of work to be done in each area. Everything is important, and the indispensable thing is that they work together and each member transmits the same message.

Let’s do it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]