As we have been talking about in our last articles, we are in a stage of full action, of reassembling our sales strategies to finally carry them out:


Post COVID-19: How to take advantage of this time to prepare the hotel’s Sales Area and go to the market making a difference.

Online Sales and Marketing: How to be productive in times of Coronavirus

Today we want to expand what for many is the key to the recovery of the sector: domestic tourism.

Surely in our hotels we favored the profitability that an international tourist proposed to receive. But the time has come to transform it, at least for a time.

As the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus grows, the tourist begins to consider whether he should travel abroad with the doubts that it generates if he finally has to cancel or reorganize his vacation plans.

Stability is not a current feature, especially when it comes to travel. Therefore, it will be much more likely that if a traveler must cancel or modify their trip, they prefer to do so at a destination in their country, with their currency, language and regulations.

Most of the published surveys express that the traveler will want to continue going on vacation because he is not willing to give them up. However, you will begin to value security above all else. And he is going to consider where he feels comfortable taking his family, where he feels safe. The answer may be clearly: staying in your country.

So how could your hotel take advantage of this information and capture or recover this vital market?

Online sales will be the key:

OTAs and Wholesalers

Key moment to ask yourself:

Through which OTAs do you sell your hotel?

Are you in the number of OTAs, operators and local agencies that you want?

Currently, there are Channel Managers that allow you to connect and sell your hotel through the most important OTAs and local wholesalers for your country. CM Reservas provides these connections, you can check it at



Direct sales

Your Booking Engine must allow you to create special offers for the local market, for the period of time you need.

Is it easy to book from your website or do you think it is not so much and that is why they book by OTAs?

An agile Booking Engine that encourages guests to make their reservation in 2 steps is essential.

Remember that the hotel offer is going to be very aggressive.

Also Email marketing can help you

You must point to your local market database and launch specific campaigns for this sector (promotions in local currency, reports, sanitation measures)

Campaigns should not be generalized for several countries, since more than ever, each traveler will have their own needs.

Remember that a CRM is an ideal system, since it allows you to create databases according to what your hotel requires and then generate exclusive campaigns for the target audience.


It is time to rearm and draw new sales strategies. For this, your history, the information you have and the channels through which you reach your target audience will always be important.