We are in times of continuous technological and sociocultural changes that directly affect the needs and new habits of travelers.

We present the trends that will mark next year’s trips, according to a study carried out by Booking.com, and that you must take into account to make the most of the promotion and sale of your property.

Increase of secondary destinations

Traveling to secondary destinations or less known places to try to reduce excess tourism and protect the environment will make a great leap next year. Global travelers want to do something to help reduce excessive tourism and would be willing to change their original destination to one less known, but similar, if it reduced their environmental impact.

Most would like to have access to a service (app / web) that recommended destinations where an increase in tourism would have a positive impact on the local community.

More technology

In 2020, travelers will leave the key aspects of the decision-making process even more in the hands of technology. It is expected, therefore, to have new technologies in the coming months that help the traveler more easily.

The desire is for technology to propose options that surprise you with something totally new. In addition, they will use apps that allow them to search and book activities easily and quickly in real time while they travel and will use them to organize the activities in advance and have all the answers in one place.

Travel with calmer

Instead of constantly experiencing that fear of missing something (FOMO), in 2020 trips will be taken more calmly. The tendency is to choose slower means of transport to reduce its environmental impact and longer roads to enjoy the journey.

Some means of transport that will contribute to lower revolutions are the bicycle, the tram, the sled and the boat.

Add several experiences in a single enclave

The tourist will opt more and more for destinations that offer a wide variety of experiences and enriching attractions.

New travelers would like to make a long trip to a destination that brings together all their favorite activities and places of interest and would choose a place where all the activities and attractions of their interest are close to save time.

Pets as a priority

Most of the traveling population that have pets consider them as important as their children, so in 2020 the holidays are expected to revolve around them. They even put their needs before their own when choosing a destination, accommodation and activities.

They agree that next year they would choose a holiday destination based on whether they can take their pet or not, and would be willing to pay more to stay in a pet-friendly accommodation.

The intergenerational getaway

The number of grandparents who go on vacation with their grandchildren increases, and the number of trips for single adult couples also increases.

Gastronomy as a priority

Culinary preferences will have more weight in the decision making process of travelers. A large number of travelers will articulate their vacation plans around the destination’s gastronomic offer, with the aim of being the first to taste local delicacies, before new actors break into this scenario.

For many, the fact of being able to reserve a table in highly sought-after places (some with months or years of waiting lists) will be the starting point, and even the key factor, when deciding where and when to travel.

71% of global travelers consider it important to consume local products during their vacations


In this new decade, we will see how the travel industry tries to respond to the needs of a type of traveler more concerned with sustainability, and with more technological knowledge and concerns, through the development of products, services and functions that make discover The world is easier for everyone.

Do not stay out of it!

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