Looking to reach clients interest implies using tools, and the results will depend on the versatility of those tools. The online sales strategy requires adequate systems.

That is why those tools that adapt to hotels expectations and needs will be the most effective for setting the bid for the expected bookings. And that is why a channel manager is indispensable for the hotelier.

The Channel Manager offers you unbeatable competitive advantages.

Take advantage of opportunities

Room reservations are made in a multichannel manner. Therefore it is very important to have efficient management available. This allows you to react quickly, while monitoring the online activity of your competition. This way you can anticipate and win the battle for bookings.

Reducing the risk of overbooking

One of the great advantages of the Channel Manager is the possibility to minimize overbookings. It is the greatest advantage of a single interface, allowing interaction with all of the channels in real-time, downloading reservations and automatically resending updated inventory.

Greater opportunities in the low season:

The ability of CM Reservas to provide simultaneous availability and rates through a large number of channels is important to increase hotel´s exposure, diversifying the proposal for each market. In this way, with greater visibility, the chances of increasing hotel´s occupation rate in the slow season grows significantly.

Customer satisfaction:

The hotel industry is all about guest experience. It is well known that the guest experience begins at the front desk, and that a bad impression will be very difficult to overcome later. The Channel Manager dramatically improves front desk effectiveness, especially if it is connected to the PMS. A satisfied guest will be the best promoter of our hotel.


CM Reservas Channel Manager provides valuable information for your hotel´s strategic decision making. It is also an excellent revenue tool to optimize the rates of your hotel and thus increase revenue.

The statistical reports will provide you with key information for making strategic decisions, such as what portals sell your hotel the most, average stay, average rate, and much more.

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