The Coronavirus is an enemy that no one expected and hit everyone equally.
The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most injured. Most of our hotels are closed and we are all or will be idle soon.
But – although we still cannot see it clearly – this is going to end at some point, our hotels will reopen and return to operating as before.
People will travel again and we will be happy to receive them.
That is why from CM Reservas we propose to be positive and productive, taking advantage of this time to order ourselves and improve the work we have been doing.
How? Where to start?
Undoubtedly, sales management will be the key to the recovery of your hotel.
Today we will focus on online sales channels and divide them into 2 areas.

Online marketing
Very important. Where do you record the contact information of your guests or inquiries?
Do you have a database that allows you to segment your audience?
Country / City of origin, sex, age, preferences, etc.
If you don’t have it, it’s time to start.
If you already have it, you could review it, clean it and reorder it.
Important: here you can segment according to the type of guest and then perform actions for each type. Communicating a weekend promotion to a direct guest is not the same as informing a corporate guest or client company about your new meeting package.

Email marketing
It is the opportunity to stop to think about your campaigns.
Due to lack of time we usually repeat campaigns, we use old templates. In an effort to always be present in our guests’ inbox we sin by sending unattractive emails.
For these two tools, remember that a CRM is an ideal system, since it allows you to create databases according to the needs of your hotel and then generate exclusive campaigns for the target audience.

Brand image and communication strategy.
Logos, images, typography, colors … everything!
Now you can stop to look at what you have been publishing and analyze:
– Does the design follow a line?
– Do the colors and images represent the hotel?
– Language. How do I want to speak to my guests?

Social media
It is the opportunity to update all your profiles.
We recommend you enter your social networks as if you were a guest and see if everything you are looking for is there.
In wich networks is your hotel on?
Remember that the recommended ones are the ones that allow you to show the hotel with more clarity and tools.
Today the best for hotels is Instagram.
There you can generate graphic content (videos, photos) interact with your guests, report updates, chat, show the areas of your hotel … and what your imagination wants.
It is time, little by little, to re-generate the illusion of travel in guests who have not been able to visit us.
Is your Booking Engine available on all social networks?

Online sales
What is the volume of direct guests your hotel receives?
Is it easy to book from your website or do you think it is not so much and that is why they book by OTAs?
An agile Booking Engine that encourages guests to make their reservation in 2 steps is essential.

Time to ask yourself:
Through which OTAs do you sell your hotel?
Do you reach the audience that you would like?
Are you in the number of OTAs you want?
Was rate and availability information current on all OTAs alike?

Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor  work as one more OTA, but the extra benefit is that those who book through these channels will do so through your Booking Engine (as long as it is certified) and you will be able to obtain their complete contact information for your database.

This point is the basis to analyze your past sales and from there improve your strategies. You can always improve!
It is key to study:
-Distribution sales
-Commission payments
-Average stays

A Channel Manager  would simplify these tasks for you since you can sell your hotel in the number of OTAs you want without risk of overselling or disparity. And on the other hand, you can obtain comprehensive reports of your sales that allow you to analyze and improve them.

These are very difficult times but we can always take advantage to see how we have been working without the rush of everyday life. Let’s continue with what we have been doing well and improve as much as we can.
Remember that from CM Reservations we have the most important tools to maximize sales: Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Connection to Metasearch, CRM. Contact us to find out how they work.