We know that the incorporation of a Channel Manager and Booking Engine in our establishment is very important in order to optimize resources and improve sales.
But the management of these systems will be in charge of 1 or several people and as time passes they will have doubts about their use.
These doubts can be infinite: a forgetfulness in the procedure for charging rates, how to view the incoming reservations, how to create promotions, a loading error, how to establish a new rate, and thousands of other examples.

Generally when these types of concerns arise, we need them to be resolved very quickly as they could affect the sale both in OTAs and on the web.
And that the provider of Channel Manager and Booking Engine can answer them in a timely manner, will be a fundamental point when assessing the quality of service.

Now, if we want to hire a Channel Manager and Booking Engine, what fundamental aspects should the Support service provide us with?

  • Personalized attention: people who present themselves with their names and who attend our queries, without machines or predetermined answers.
  • Language: to answer us in our language and without technicalities, to be able to resolve doubts much faster.
  • Days and hours of service: it is essential that the Support team can provide assistance from Monday to Monday, that is, including weekends and holidays. That is, to work alongside the times of our establishment.
  • Communication routes: ideal if it covers all! Mail, Skype, Telephone, Whatsapp. It must be simple and easy to be able to communicate with Support.
  • Emergency: a telephone must be available to be able to communicate in cases whose attention cannot be delayed
  • Written support: that after our conversation by any means send us a detail by mail / ticket with a summary of what was discussed, detailing the actions that will be addressed, if necessary.
  • Explanatory manuals / videos: that can provide us with didactic material of our doubt to be able to share in the team or save as a source of future consultation.


The Channel Manager and Booking Engine are very important tools for a hotel establishment or vacation rental and must have an efficient, responsible and committed support team.
These characteristics will be vital when solving any inconvenience or resolving doubts.
It is ideal that the Support team can assist us in the use of the tools and also have the ability to advise us and help us optimize our income through online sales.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]