You listen to it but surely you still have doubts about its operation and activation, right?

In this article we want to help you and tell you what it is.

Google Hotel Ads is Google’s hotel search engine. It is a tool that allows users to search and book hotel rooms through Google, Google Places or Google Maps, as well as compare rates, availability of dates and reviews of other guests.

What does this service offer for users (potential guests)?

Information on hotel prices, allowing rapid decision making.

Comparison of hotel prices between OTAs and the hotel’s own website.

Dynamic and updated prices and availability, where the user can vary the dates on which he wishes to make the stay.

What does this service offer for hotels?

First of all we mentioned something very important: for the price comparator we named to show the rates of your website, you must have a Google-certified booking engine

For the hotel, Google Hotel Ads offers a way to obtain direct reservations by paying a lower commission than traditional OTAs.

High quality traffic since they are users who are interested in buying stays.

Full contact information of guests who book this way, and not encrypted as in the OTAs

What is the most important thing about Google Hotel Ads?

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the most important features of Google Hotel Ads is the price comparator, where the user can see different booking options as shown in the example below.

With Google Hotel Ads, once the user clicks on the announcement of your hotel, it will arrive directly at your booking engine. And considering that your booking engine is responsive (adaptable to any type of device), you will significantly increase the flow of traffic with users who are willing to make a reservation.

What are the benefits of publishing on Google Hotel Ads?

  •  It facilitates the user the process of searching and booking hotels.
  •  Multiply the reserve conversion ratio.
  •  It allows to reduce the time of the reserve cycle.
  •  Reduce commissions

Generates direct reservations with the possibility of subsequent marketing actions

Users who do NOT use this service carry out a longer process:

  • Search “hotels in…”
  • See various travel and hotel websites
  • Return to the selected product page
  • Enter the criteria and Reserve

While users of the Google Hotel Ads service, this cycle is greatly reduced:

  • Search in Google
  • See prices and availability
  • Reserve!

Conclusion: That you can sell your hotel through Google is increasingly essential to stay in line with the competition and trends, and for this there is Google Hotel Ads.

Using this tool you can increase direct traffic, your income, obtain greater visibility and capture data from your guests for your database, among many other benefits.

Are you interested in incorporating it into your property? Remember that our Booking Engine is certified by Google for this connection. Contact us here