As we always say, traveling has changed.

Guests needs have changed as well and this undoubtedly influenced the type of OTAs they will choose to book your property.

The aim of this article is to talk about the OTA profiles, their main characteristics and general trends to maximize your hotel’s publications and boost your sales.

Currently they focus on sustainability: based on recent research, 73% of global travelers are more likely to book a property that has ongoing sustainable practices. Booking has launched the Travel Sustainable program designed to promote sustainability efforts of their accommodation partners by showcasing them to travellers.

In this program, hotels can highlight their good practices to receive a special badge and thus stand out in potential guests searches.


They know perfectly well that “Travellers want to live in their accommodation, not simply visit it.

They know visitors seek for good wifi and workspaces keeping up with the current remote work trend, along with kitchen spaces in order to be able “to live anywhere”.

Worldwide, in recent months the most searched-for amenities in accommodations were pet friendly, pools, wifi, kitchens and free parking.

Taking this into account, accommodation providers should keep their amenities content up-to-date to keep up with the evolving travellers needs.”

Expedia Group

They focus on the variety of prices and options to capture all types of travelers and trips.

A very strong audience are the 145 million members of the Expedia Group loyalty program. These guests spend more, stay longer and book more often on this platform.

Properties can proactively target Expedia Group loyalty program members with exclusive promotions for them, allowing the hotel to appear higher in search results and displaying a special member price badge as a good strategy to stand out


Over 70% of searches on the Hostelworld platform are from mobile devices. Therefore, competitiveness in this space is essential.

Noting this trend, last year this OTA launched a first phase mobile rates only available for reservations through this channel.

We know that being in every detail and providing personalized service to guests is part of hoteliers DNA. But we also know that it takes a lot of time and work.

For this reason, it is almost impossible to manually deal with each OTA to change rates and availability.

It is a proven fact that this practice is risky since it is very feasible to fall into overbooking.

To solve these issues, a Channel Manager is necessary.

What are the advantages? So many!

  • Increase your bookings
  • Maximize income
  • Access new markets
  • Minimize error
  • Avoid overbooking and disparity

CM Reservas Channel Manager connects to + 500 OTAs, the main Operators as well as all international payment gateways.

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