This is very good news for these times.

Hotels need to sell and to support the restart of the travel industry, Google introduced the new policy of its travel platform, Google Travel. The novelty is that there the hotels can appear for free in the search engine with a link to reserve.

Did you know? Here we expand on the details a bit more.

Before this novelty, to be present with a link to their official website in Google search, hotels had to activate a paid campaign. From now on, the link to your site will also appear free of charge.

This change provides a new, free way to reach potential customers. For advertisers, free booking links can extend the reach of existing Hotel Ads campaigns.

We also highlight that if a hotel is already running Google Hotel Ads campaigns and, therefore, is visible with its direct link in the payment section, Google now gives them the opportunity to be visible twice: in the price feed that we know so far more on an organic price list.

And now: how to make your hotel appear in the free Google links?

In order to be present there, your hotel must have a connection with this metasearch engine through a certified Booking Engine for the connection. Our booking engine is it!

Do you have to activate a paid campaign to appear in the free links?

No. The link to your site is displayed even if you don’t activate paid campaigns. All you need is the connection to Google Hotel Ads through an integrated partner.

Remember the advantages of having your hotel connected with Metasearch engines (Google, Trivago, Tripadvisor):

  • Commissions are lower than in most OTAs
  • Increases the flow of sales through you own website generating high quality traffic.
  • Increases booking conversion rate.
  • Enhances client loyalty by visiting your website and allowing a 100% direct booking.

What do you think of this new opportunity? Are you going to take advantage of it? Contact us to find out how to activate it.