The world has undoubtedly changed and our ability to adapt has too.

The way hotels sell is linked to this change! A clear example are cancellation policies.

The leading role of metasearch engines – key in times of online action – is also remarkable.

Trivago fully understood these trends and introduced changes to its commission distribution system.

Trivago’s CPA (cost per acquisition) model created in October 2020 has helped the hotel reduce risk by only charging then for confirmed reservations on a basic commission scheme.

This CPA model has been successful, helping reduce the hotel’s risk: hotels only pay a commission for real reservations and not for every click they receive. This modification allowed any property to be able to appear in this super important metasearch engine!

Trivago is now evolving from a gross CPA model to net CPA, taking cancellations into account when charging commission.

This means that cancellations and modification to reservations are taken into account and invoices will be adjusted accordingly. The hotel will only pay for effective reservations!

The hotel will have up to 180 days from the date the reservation was made, and up to the check out date to reconcile these reservations and notify Trivago that they have been canceled or modified.

Each month the metasearch engine will take into account these cancellations and modifications – such as credit notes – and will adjust the invoice for the following month by subtracting the difference.

That’s great news, right?

Another of the great advantages for hotels is more theoretical: since it’s a commission – per – stay model, in many cases hoteliers will be able to count these commissions as a distribution cost rather than marketing budget, allowing them to have more funds to diversify investments in paid digital marketing.

And there is more… CM Reservas is an official Trivago partner and we will now offer this Net CPA model!

How can a CPA campaigns be activated?

You can start a Trivago Net CPA campaign straight from our Booking Engine.

  • If your hotel is already a CM Reservas client just our Support team ( and request the campaign.
  • If your hotel is not yet connected to Metasearch and you wish to do so, contact us here to get started.

And remember: our Booking Engine can also connect your hotel to other metasearch engines such as Google Hotel Ads, and Tripadvisor.